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'Sewn' is a track I made for Stacey Sproule's one-to-one performance piece Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Receive a tattoo, embroidered on your clothing, as you meditate on rites of passage and idea of healing.

I incorporated sewing machine sounds with the aim of making a track that would be a ‘meditation on healing’. It all made sense after Stacey gave me a reiki session, a technique she used as one element within her performance piece. Those that got to spend the time one-on-one with her during the festival were very lucky indeed!

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My dad’s country house is nearly complete. The washitsu (Japanese tatami room) is last to be addressed, old shoji frames left leaning patiently amidst dust and debris. These will be re-papered and fitted into the windows and sliding doors, renewed and perfect again. 

What is so tantalizing about shoji screens is the semi-obscurity of what lies behind. They tease with light and shadow, whispered sounds. They filter the world with imagination. And when the desire to know grows too great, a rip reveals a partial landscape, an unknown future, a secret weather pattern.

This will be the room of fibrous dreams.

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Telling secrets

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Telling secrets

I am considering inner and outer space through my telescope. It’s Spa Kosmische season.

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I am considering inner and outer space through my telescope. It’s Spa Kosmische season.

A sunday at the hilltop. A roofless house and late budding garden. 

My dad tells me about “mother potatoes”, the spent shriveled skinned potatoes that are on every plant. I respect these martyr potatoes. Are they mediums for sunlight? I need to know more. 

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Reconstructed shoji window installation at The Revue Cinema for the Shinsedai Cinema Festival next week. A collage of film stills and angura theatre posters.

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An installation dedicated to the Shinsedai Cinema Festival2235 Dundas Street West (on the west side, just north of Dundas/Roncesvalles). 

The festival starts next Thurs Jul 12th - get your tickets here!

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My Shinsedai Cinema Festival window displays in progress. Inspired by Terayama Shuji, moth eaten kimonos, sun-bleached shoji screens, silk, and 四つのもの. Will be installed at The Revue Cinema and 2235 Dundas Street West (on the west side, just north of Dundas/Roncesvalles). 

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Invisible House

I visit the house that does not yet exist.

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I spent last Saturday afternoon on The Hilltop learning its winds and wildlife. 

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Working on a fabric installation with Stacey Sproule for the next Invisible City (at Double Double Land on Fri May 4th). It may turn out to be a soft architectural byzantine dome.

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